Allsteel – Evo

Everything a workplace chair needs to be and not an iota more.

With its straightforward minimal aesthetic inspired by the proportions and visual harmony of the Golden Ratio, Allsteel Evo has been designed with the same underlying principles and rigor as architectural spaces.

Workplace chairs are rarely used all day long by a single individual and little time is spent adjusting the chair. People are just as likely to spend a few hours in a meeting room or at a shared bench as they are at their desk getting work done. Evo has been purposefully designed to provide immediate comfort and to look equally great at the workstation as in the conference room.

The newly designed adjustment free weight activated chair mechanism allows Evo to seamlessly address an individual’s need for enhanced comfort and control. Specially sculpted and formulated foam creates a seat that has proven through scientific pressure mapping and testing to reduce pressure points and to be the best in its class. Easy-to-reach fingertip controls at seat side permit hassle free  access to standard ergonomic adjustments.

The Evo task chair, task stool and conference chair are  a complete seating solution ideally suitable for both individual workplace and group workspace environments.

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